With many companies now developing their platform-specific eCRM campaign assets using internal teams, Cloud Anvil provides a fast and scalable QA as a Service (QAaaS) offering to ensure your eDM’s arrive in perfect condition to every subscriber.

Cloud Anvil works in conjunction with marketing and IT teams to develop eDM Test Plans for your particular eCRM platform, covering organisational and subscriber requirements. Our eDM Test Plans typically perform QA on the following areas of each eDM:

  • Adherence to brand style guidelines e.g. logo type and placement, fonts
  • Dynamic Content block rules and implementation
  • Verifying external links and Unsubscribe functions
  • Tracking and analytics pixels
  • Test sending of eDM’s
  • Reports on cross-screen / email client performance, spam filter and optimisation issues via the testing tool of your choice or ours e.g. Litmus