Cloud Anvil hosts short structured workshops or teleconferences where key Marketing and IT stakeholders within your business are involved to help us better understand the critical aspects of your planned or current CRM program.

The Cloud Anvil team then develops a CRM Audit Report that provides a summary, insights and recommendations for any or all of the following areas, including:

  • CRM program status and requirements for the business
  • Current platform in use, or potential platform(s) being considered
  • Customer data / DB condition e.g. current data format (Excel, DB or both), data schema / segmentation, consolidation / remapping required, is a campaign necessary to update subscriber data
  • Customer journeys in use currently vs. new requirements
  • Quality of eDM templates, landing pages, microsites, subscription and preference centres e.g. screen responsiveness, UX, platform integration requirements, creative application of brand style guides
  • Other audit areas as discovered in the workshop